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Infants and Children

From the moment of conception, the growth and development of a baby is one of life’s most incredible processes. A baby grows from two small cells, evolving at an incredible rate over the next nine months before birth.

The nervous system is so important, that the first cells to form at about 7 hours after conception are the brain and spinal cord. The heart starts to beat at 24 days and the eyes are formed at 36 days. The nervous system gives commands on how everything is formed and controlled just as in an adult.

Stress: Birth and Growth

Babies are subjected to a range of stress from conception, childbirth, and during their early years. The birthing process, even though completely natural, can be a very stressful event for both the mother and baby. There is an enormous increase in the pressure on the baby’s spine and body during the final stages of labor. If the baby presents head first, then the head, neck and spine help cope with compression.

If the baby’s head and neck is slightly in the wrong position, this causes large amounts of spinal stress. With little muscle development for protection, small restrictions in the spinal joints can develop.

In the real world the infant grows rapidly. During the transitional stages of growth like learning to sit, crawl and walk; the child can be subjected to other stresses such as trips and falls.

Chiropractic: When should an infant get checked?

Any child can be checked for their neurological development at any stage.

Some common reasons to have your infant checked by a Chiropractor include:

  • Sensitive neck to the touch
  • Feeding only from one side
  • Motor development delay- child is not rolling/crawling/walking
  • Forceps/vacuum or Cesarean delivery
  • Poor sleeping/infant won’t settle
  • Infant favors one side with head, arm or leg
  • Bald spot on the back of the head