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New Patient

Medical History

Medical History

The first step in assessing your health is to take a thorough health history. Typically when you first arrive, we will ask you to fill in a questionnaire about your medical history. You can save yourself time by downloading the new patient form and completing prior to your initial consultation.


Your Chiropractor will perform a number of tests and examination procedures on you to establish the CAUSE of your problem. The types of tests are dependent on your presenting complaint, but may include:

Treatment & Management

Our Chiropractors utilise a wide variety of different treatments to help your condition including: Gonstead adjustments to the spine and extremities, mobilisation, soft tissue therapies (active myofascial release, myofascial release and instrument assisted techniques (Read More Under Sports Chiropractic), rehabilitation and other movement/exercise therapies, sports specific technique advice, nutritional advice, kinesiotaping, strapping and bracing. We at Chiropractic Solutions are strong advocates of active care, whereby we prescribe specific exercises and advice when appropriate to help you get better and stay that way.

One of the tools we commonly use to help get you moving is the Chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment is a light force applied via the use of the hands. It’s a very quick and shallow thrust to restore normal joint movement.

The Gonstead Adjustment

After a complete evaluation, your Chiropractor will have a thorough understanding of your problem. It is then possible to provide a SPECIFIC, ACCURATE and PRECISE correction. The focus is to adjust the segments that are the cause of the problem. The Gonstead system of analysis and correction allows the adjustment to be safe and effective in restoration of normal spine and nervous system function. This will help maintain optimum health via proper function. Read More Under Gonstead Chiropractic.