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Onsite X-Ray Facilities

X-rays can be an important assessment tool to help diagnose your problem. Specialized chiropractic weight bearing X-rays of your spine or extremities may be taken as part of your examination. The spinal frontal view is taken in one piece and is the best way to determine exactly how many vertebrae you have. The typical number of vertebrae in the spine is:

  • 7 cervical (neck) segments;
  • 12 thoracic (mid back with ribs);
  • 5 lumbar (low back) segments.

Since the Gonstead doctor wants to be as specific as possible in analysis and treatment, this information is vital in order to avoid adjusting the wrong segment when counting by palpation to the exact vertebral subluxation. All required measures are taken to insure the exposures are taken with the least amount of radiation via the use of high speed screens, collimation, gonadal shielding and automatic chemical processing.

These x-rays show the following:

  • look for signs of pathology and fractures
  • The condition of each disc and joints in the spine
  • Any abnormalities you were born with
  • Your posture and its curves and how your body reacts to the forces of gravity. Taking into consideration all the x-ray findings, your chiropractor also takes into account your condition and examination and plans the specific adjustment required to correct your subluxation.

X-Rays and Ionising Radiation

X-rays are a form of energy similar to radio waves and sunshine. Commonly, they are used to view the bony structures of the body to rule out any pathology, and in particular to Chiropractors, a means of bio mechanical analysis.

Other forms of diagnostic imaging include:

  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) which use strong radio waves and magnets to create the picture.
  • CT scans (Computerized Axial Tomography) is a 3D X-ray. These can provide more information on bone and soft tissue.

These scans can be useful to your Chiropractor but do not provide all the same information that a full spine X-ray provides. The reason being that the spine is a weight bearing structure and hence needs to be analysed in such a manner. Your Gonstead Chiropractor will take a FULL SPINE X-ray in a weight bearing (standing) position to accurately visualize your spine’s condition.

Does Everyone Require X-rays?

No. At Chiropractic Solutions we will only perform an x-ray if it is indicated. Pregnant women will not be X-rayed. PLEASE NOTIFY YOUR CHIROPRACTOR EVEN IF YOU SUSPECT YOU ARE PREGNANT.

Benefits of an X-ray:

  • Rules out pathology
  • Important visual record of the spine
  • Determines the bio mechanical status of your spine
  • Identifies areas of spinal decay/degeneration
  • Confirms examination findings

Minimizing Exposure to X-rays:

  • Only the necessary views are taken
  • The latest up-to-date equipment is utilized
  • Regular mandatory government inspection and testing of site
  • Sensitive high speed film shortens the exposure time
  • Highly accurate electronic timing
  • Luminescent screens amplify the image
  • Filters and collimation limit the beam to areas required
  • Shields protect sensitive body parts, for example gonads and eyes