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Our Philosophy


Mission Statement

Chiropractic Solutions uses the unique skill set of Drs Neil Gomez (Clinical Neurology), Luke Nelson (Sports Chiropractic) and Justin Youssef to provide the time, expertise and skill to be able to improve spine, nervous system and general health/wellbeing to patients of all ages, the general public and elite athletes. All of which have the common goal of regaining optimal health, wellbeing and performance and maintaining this throughout life. This is complemented by exceptional supportive services such as myotherapy, functional movement assessment, running analysis, golf movement screening, clinical neurological protocols, rehab strategies, nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Health is our most valuable possession. Patients we care for have lost their optimal health and our approach is

  1. To uncover the exact cause of your health problem
  2. Suggest and provide care to produce fast results
  3. Offer advice so that you can actively participate in your recovery
  4. Explain and educate about health and the value of maintaining optimal health
  5.  Educate you on preventative statergies for your health